Wild Game Processing

Thank you for considering our processing service. Rest assured, whether domestic or wild game, we process your meat to the same Premium Quality as we would our own.


Includes cutting, wrapping, grinding, sausage making and freezing


Includes cutting, wrapping, sausage making, curing, smoking and freezing


Wild Game: Boning out to sausage or trim


Wild Game: Boning out to cuts and trim



Frying Sausage*






Garlic Coil*


Summer Sausage*


Jerky Making


Freezing of Cooked Products


* Plus Trim Cost

Tips for Turning Wild Game into Premium Quality Sausage
Use Food Quality Freezer Bags

Or containers when handling your wild meat. Please take note that trash bags are often chemically treated or perfumed and this can transfer to the meat.

Make Your Cuts Boneless

Removing the bone removes much of the wild taste from your meat.

Bone Out & Freeze Trim

It will store better and longer than sausage or processed meat. Freezing your wild meat in 10–15 lb amounts and making smaller batches of sausage throughout the year guarantees a fresher product.

Vary the Recipe

We can change your recipe each time we make a fresh batch of sausage for you.

Good Luck on the HUNT!


Meat frozen in fall and brought in to process in January–March will be given a 10% discount.

Sausage making is $1.95/lb and this includes smoking, packaging and freezing. Cooked sausages are $2.45/lb. Trim (pork or beef) is an additional cost.

Boning out game for sausage processing (or freezing of trim) is $1.45/lb on carcass weight. If we bone out for steaks and roasts we charge $1.65/lb on carcass weight.

Hanging Charge will be $15.00 for deer or antelope and $25.00 for elk or moose. $40.00 for Beef we cut…$100.00 for hanging only.

Due to continuing restrictions on bone and waste disposal we have a Disposal Charge on all domestic and game custom cutting.


Skinned, clean game carcass or trim which arrives at Premium Sausage not having any damage (as a result of gunshot or improper bleeding of the carcass) will always yield a better product than that which arrives dirty or badly damaged in the hunt. Game which arrives poorly dressed or dirty from transportation will be trimmed hard to maintain quality meat for processing.

Loss of weight of quality trim meat or steak and roast can be avoided. We suggest that on the day of the hunt you prepare several 5 gallon pails of cold potable water with a block of ice in each to enable the cleaning and cooling of the game carcass. Careful attention to cleaning and the proper handling of your prize will always improve yield and especially quality of your wild game sausage and meat products.